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What We Do


Examples of programs: CPAP, ETAT, Ultrasound training, Nurse Anesthesia training.


Examples of programs: Medical equipment repair & maintenance, Oxygen manufacture & distribution.


Examples of programs: Strategic planning for health facilities.


Examples of programs: Development of national guidelines on CPAP usage, Introducing Anesthesia training for nurses.

"We strive to meet and exceed the highest professional standards'.

CHPD helps improve access to quality health services in developing countries by complementing the governments’ efforts to provide training in operation of essential medical equipment and other critical infrastructure for effective health service provision.

Our innovative solutions include building a training program for Nurse Anesthetists to bridge the huge gap in this field. Kenya has an acute shortage of anesthetists, and women and newborns have died during delivery while waiting for one. The initiative to train nuses as anesthetists has come as a relief for public health facilities in areas which are far away to transfer patients to bigger hospitals in cases of emergencies. The CPAP of children program has enabled the creation of a generation of Super Trainers in the application of this essential intervention for babies in respiratory distress. Two of the social enterprises, Hewa Tele and MediQuip Global, have strong training components along with the core services, making the solutions unique and comprehensive.

It is not enough to provide facilities with just equipment. The health workers need to know when to use it, how to use it (and use it optimally), and how to care for it to ensure maximum usage.


CPHD has developed capacity for operational research to identify health service delivery gaps. It is therefore primarily placed to interrogate the basis for and make recommendations for public health advocacy and public policy. CPHD has also developed key partnerships with academic, research, and public policy organizations in the region to further this objective.

First Nurse Anesthesia Training in Kenya public hospitals

CPHD has spearheaded a national-Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetist (KRNA) training program based at Kenya Medical Training College. It has helped to develop a strong curriculum, recruit competent tutors and enroll the first class of KRNAs to be trained in a public institution in Kenya.

National guidelines for CPAP usage for newborns.

Through the CPAP for children program, CPHD and the Kenya Paediatric Association have brought about the national-level guidelines for applying CPAP on newborns. It paves the way for CPAP being part of essential therapy for children and for its curriculum to be adopted in national-level training institutes.