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Our Journey

Medical equipment management An ill-maintained incubator can kill an infant; a malfunctioning anesthesia machine can maim or kill mothers, babies, children, or any other patient for that matter while an incorrectly calibrated ventilator can cost lives. Medical technology is supposed to be life saving.

Access to oxygen The World Health Organization recommends oxygen as an essential drug. It is a crucial component of essential emergency healthcare and is critical to prevent the deaths of the majority of the mothers and newborns dying in the region. Yet, oxygen is rarely available in health facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa once you move out of cities.

Pharmacy for poor The majority of medicines available in the market in Africa are counterfeit. People from the lower-income sector buy and take these medicines without any hesitation. On top of that, they most often either reuse old prescriptions or depend on the pharmacist to advise them on the path of treatment. The alternatives are either time-consuming or expensive.