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Why are anesthesia providers important?

You are a perfectly healthy human being. Your heart, brain, kidneys, liver and other vitals are working like clockwork; or as Donald Trump would put it, “running like a fine-tuned machine”; like his government is functioning.

Small wonder

She was the proverbial palmtop baby. At 700 gm, Baby Anna (name changed) kept everybody guessing right from her birth. A newborn is considered “low birth weight” if weighing less than 2,500 grams at birth and globally prematurity is the leading cause of death among children under 5 years..

All in a day's work: Despair, joy and hope

The approach to Gota ‘Agulu hospital hugs Lake Victoria. The view is breathtaking if one has the time to pause for it. When we caught up with the nursing officer in-charge he was having his day’s first cup of tea. It was 3 pm. He shrugs it off, as this is not unusual for most healthcare workers in rural Kenya..

Safe mistakes for better learning, improved childbirth outcomes

Cutting-edge learning to ensure safer childbirth We lose 300 babies and mothers each day in Kenya because of pregnancy or delivery-related complications. One way to change this picture vastly and quickly is a rapid deployment of skilled health workers to curb the number of deaths during delivery.

Need of the hour: Integrated action

Founder & Chairperson Center for Public Health and Development Here’s a story of 3 minutes from the life of this newborn in Kenya. The first 3 minutes..

When loss of a friend is a turning point for saving lives

It was the night Natalie Odipo watched her friend, neighbor, and supporter die gasping for breath that she decided she was getting oxygen for the health facility that she and her family had set up in rural Kenya over 30 years ago.