The favored models for its interventions are market-driven mechanisms, public-private partnerships and building educational-training infrastructure that integrates into national systems. CPHD’s approach is to incubate initiatives and social enterprises that address critical gaps and workforce development in health systems. It achieves sustainability and scale of its initiatives and social enterprises through market mechanisms, public-private partnerships and building educational-training infrastructure. 

Step 1 IDENTIFY   >> Step 2  DESIGN  >> Step 3   INITIATE / INCUBATE

Identify a failure or a gap in a
given health system


Design a bottom up, local solution
with local partners



Setup an initiative or social enterprise
to implement the solution under
the CPHD umbrella


CASE STUDY                                                                                                                                                         





 CPAP for children

High mortality rates during
birth for absence of 
personnel able to
administer anesthesia

Create a course to train nurses t
o be anesthetists

Launched Nurse Anesthesia program
with the objective to make it a part of
the national nursing curriculum

Oxygen at all facilities

Lack of access to medical
oxygen at district level

Developed a business model for local
production & supply of oxygen

Launched Hewa Tele in a PPP model to produce and sell oxygen to hospitals