Simulation training center

More than 25% of surgeries with adverse outcome can be prevented. The 2 key changes required to ensure this is decrease the number of errors and increase the level of skills. To achieve this, what's needed is practice, practice and more practice. This is not possible when one is dealing with real patients. A simulated setting with simulated patients is the next best learning ground for all levels of medical professionals. 

CPHD is building a simulation center in Kisumu, Kenya, to prevent unnecesssary deaths or disabilities caused as a result of surgeries. It offers:

  • Patient care and safety
  • Medical knowledge
  • Practice–based learning and improvement
  • Interpersonal and communications skills
  • Professionalism

Short-term and long-term courses will be offered. Currently, nurses undergoing the Nurse Anesthesia Training are using the facilities to enhance their learning experience.