You can improve health outcomes of a community or region at 3 levels: at the system level, at the facility level and at the patient-level. Given the diversity, the model and the scale of its initiatives, CPHD has been able to touch many lives and at all levels. Its strength has been bringing about a shift in the mindset of the people taking care of the healthcare system, at shaping new policies as well as creating a platform for partnerships that were not even considered before.     

Reduced 2 levels of delay in
patients receiving care
Addressed gap in infrastructure
and technology in CEmONC
Impacted lives of 8 m people in 5 countries Trained over 2,000 health
workers across 90 facilities

Successfully advocated for oxygen added to the WHO EML for use in hypoxemia treatment -not just anesthesia-

FIRST to create a Master Trainers in CPAP application in Kenya

FIRST to train nurses as anesthetists in Kenya
FIRST to bring public and private sector together to resolve a key concern such as access to oxygen
Paved the way for national guidelines on CPAP application for newborns
Helped shape the national curriculum for Nurse Anesthesia training and make it a part of the national training program 
Improve the skills of health workers
Provide and maintain donated equipment
Change the way the leadership looks at such problems
Engage the community, political & civil offices; gain support of elected leaders
Influence the way donors approach programs