Medical equipment management

An ill-maintained incubator can kill an infant; a malfunctioning anesthesia machine can maim or kill mothers, babies, children, or any other patient for that matter while an incorrectly calibrated ventilator can cost lives. Medical technology is supposed to be life saving. However, it is not unusual to see expensive and critical pieces of equipment lying dead or malfunctioning at health facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The CPHD team, while while working with the GE Foundation in the equipment donation programs in countries in Africa, realized that lives can be saved if only the equipment can be kept running in top order. All that's needed is regular maintenance and timely repairs.

In January 2015, CPHD created its second social enterprise, MediQuip Global, to ensure that the people did not lose out on quality healthcare because of lack of functioning medical equipment.

MediQuip Global brings all solutions related to medical equipment into one single window of service:

  • Advice
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Calibration
  • Supply of accessories, consumables
  • Final piece in the equipment puzzle: TRAINING—and, this is totally free

In a nutshell, MediQuip Global:

  • Offers infrastructure solutions including spare parts, consumables and accessories
  • Develops a robust health technology management system with the hospitals
  • Strengthens the capacity of users and administrators through skills and knowledge building