Pharmacy for poor

The majority of medicines available in the market in Africa are counterfeit. People from the lower-income sector buy and take these medicines without any hesitation. On top of that, they most often either reuse old prescriptions or depend on the pharmacist to advise them on the path of treatment. The alternatives are either time-consuming or expensive.

Some of the key challenges to improving health outcomes for the peri-urban population in East Africa are:

  • Counterfeit medicines
  • Lack of access to standardized healthcare services
  • Self-medication
  • High cost of medicine and medical services

Community Health Partners (CHP) is a social enterprise spun off the CPHD yarn in a bid to strengthen the primary healthcare network, starting with Kenya. CHP, in collaboration with a local community health professional partner, offers the services and drugs will be sourced from the licensed supplier. The team consists of Registered Pharmacist at the regional hub in Nairobi, plus local teams whose aim is to provide high quality pharmaceuticals, diagnostic services and treatment at primary healthcare level, support organizations that provide medical care.