Nurse anesthetist training

Most countries in Africa struggle with an acute shortage of trained anesthesia staff. For every 13 health workers capable of performing surgery, there is just 1 anesthesia staff in most rural areas of Africa (International Journal of Surgery). What if nurses could be trained to become anesthetists? Acting on this idea, CPHD designed this program along with  GE Foundation, the Kijabe School of Nursing, Vanderbilt University, the Ministry of Health in Kenya, ELMA Philanthropies and the Kenya Medical Training College.

As part of this program,

  • 30 nurses are being trained to be anesthetists in Kijabe and another cohort in Kisumu
  • In collaboration with KMTC, a Nurse Anesthesia training program has been developed for delivery in Western Kenya in Kisumu
  • Mentorship being provided to the trained nurse anesthetists
  • Establish two simulation centers, in Kisumu and Kijabe. In addition to anesthesia training, this center will support other training programs such as BLS, ACLS and ETAT Plus.