The organization has a robust team of clinicians, public health specialists, and technicians who are supported by a Board comprising members from diverse fields. The leadership is supported by team of technical directors and managers who have over 50 years' combined experience in public health and development work. Some of them have worked with Dr Bernard even before CPHD was created, and their experience and the understanding between the team members help the initiatives take shape and grow at a steady pace.


Dr Bernard Olayo

Dr Bernard Olayo is the founder of Center for Public Health and Development (CPHD), which designed and developed MediQuip Global as a social enterprise. He provides strategic direction to the expansion of MediQuip Global in the region.

As a physician and a public health expert, he knows and understands well the gaps in the public healthcare systems in Africa. He has 14 years of experience in public and international organizations health project management and Policy Advisory Work. Dr Bernard has managed several complex public health programs in resource-limited settings, including for the Millennium Villages Project, Marie Stopes International’s Blue Star Global Social Franchising programme for MCH services in the Philippines and Vietnam and GE Foundation’s program to address critical issues in maternal and child survival in 15 countries.  

Dr Steve Adudans

Dr Steve Adudans is the Executive Director of CPHD and is actively involved in the operations of the organization and associated social enterprises, bringing with him a wealth of experience in public health, project formulation, implementation, management, and evaluation in resource-limited settings. 

He received his under-graduate doctor of medicine and surgery training at the University of Nairobi, School of Medicine, and post-graduate training in Infectious Diseases at the University of London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He has held a range of senior management positions, including being the Deputy Country Director for International Medical Corps (IMC) in Kenya and the Executive Director at Mildmay Kenya. 

Dr James Wariero

James has over 10 years' experience in pharmaceutical product development and management. He is the Technical Director for the Community Health Partners (CHP) social enterprise. James is the technical director of CPHD and also the face behind the day-to-day operations of CHP. James comes with several years of experience as a pharmacist and in development programs including being the Deputy Director for Health for the Millennium Villages at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. He was responsible for the coordination of health support to the Millennium Villages from the Centre, technical backstopping for the adaptation and design of the health system for the 6 regional sites and as Health Coordinator for the Sauri Millennium Villages in Kenya. Prior to joining the MVP, he worked for the government of Kenya as a clinical pharmacist in Paediatrics and later in HIV Care at the Nyanza Provincial General Hospital, and as trainer and in curriculum development for HIV care, commodity management, and rational drug use; and during the same time consulted for a number of organizations including the Coca Cola Foundation, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), John Snow Inc (JSI), the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and the Network of African People Living with HIV (NAP+), among others. James graduated from the University of Nairobi’s School of Pharmacy in 2001, and is additionally trained in Management, Commodity Management, and HIV Clinical Care.

Anthony Githinji 

Anthony is a biomedical engineer with over 18 years of experience in installation, repair, maintenance and training on use of biomedical equipment with in the public and private sector. He is certified by the General Electric on the installation of GE anesthesia and critical care equipment. He has managed complex assignments in East, Central and Southern Africa. He currently heads the Hewa Tele and the MediQuip Global teams in the region by providing the technical direction and new business development. 

Dr Lisa Mudola

Dr Mudola is an anesthesiologist and she oversees the Nurse Anesthesia Training program and the development of the Simulation Center at JOOTRH as a Center of Excellence (CoE) for anesthesia and critical care training. Dr Mudola extensive experience as medical educational research assistant at Aga Khan University Hospital as well as working independently in all areas of anesthesia that involve theater-based cases, both elective and emergencies, and provision of anesthesia in remote areas mainly the endoscopy site, radiology department and oncology department.

Dr  Nicholas Odero

Dr Odero is a paediatrician and Child Health Specialist with a wealth of experience in curative, preventive and promotive child health services as well as training of health providers in resource limited settings. He is a holder of a Masters Degree in Paediatrics and Child Health from The University of Nairobi. He has served as a Consultant Paediatrician in The Ministry of Health in Kenya and in Republic of South Sudan as a coach and mentor of young doctors under the IGAD Regional Initiative for Capacity Development. He is a certified instructor for the Emergency Triage Assessment Plus Admission Care (ETAT+) Course and has trained health providers in Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia and Zimbabwe. He is also a Master Instructor for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and has been leading the introduction of CPAP in Kenyan Hospital under The Centre for Public Health and Development (CPHD)’s CPAP program. He is a member of The National Resuscitation Council of Kenya and the Kenya Paediatrics Association and an advocate for initiatives that promote child survival.

Dr Joseph Nkurunziza

Dr Joseph is a medical doctor with over 10 years experience in the clinical field and non-profit sector. He has been associated with CPHD for the last XXX years and handles the Rwanda operations. Dr Joseph has been developing projects to empower and educate communities in health promotion and disease prevention.

He is the co-founder of 2 organizations—Never Again Rwanda, a peace building organization that is promoting human rights and advocating peace among Rwandan youth, and the Board of Health Development Initiative-Rwanda (HDI), a local NGO committed to improving the health of disadvantaged populations across Rwanda. He has worked extensively with international organizations and Rwandan civil society, and is closely connected to members of the government, international agencies, and local communities.

Dr Kennedy Onyango

Dr Onyango is an obstetrician and gynaecologist is responsible for operations in Western Kenya. He is also a lecturer at Maseno University School of Medicine where he oversees the USAID/IntraHealth Project on Human Resources and PACE Project in collaboration with University of Maryland. 

Jacqueline Odero

Jacqueline has at least 10 years’ experience in financial analysis, contracting and donor reporting for public health programs. She currently serves as the Finance Manager for CPHD. She has in the past managed multi-country projects in East, West and Southern Africa by providing back-stopping, analysis of budgets, tracking of expenditure and reporting to donors. She holds a Master of Business Administration. 




Dr Bernard O. Olayo
Health Specialist, Health in Africa Initiative, World Bank Group

Dr Steve A. Adudans
Executive Director, CPHD

Prof Fred N. Were
MBChB, Mmed (Paeds), Fellow of Neonatology (Aus)
Dean University of Nairobi, School of Medicine

Dr Moitreyee Sinha
Associate Director of Health and Infrastructure, Global Development Incubator

Prof Khama Rogo
MD, MMed (ObsGyn), PhD
Lead Health Specialist Specialist, World Bank and Head of the World Bank Group's Health in Africa Initiative

Dr Richard J. Deckelbaum
Director, Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University